Artist/Designer/Printer-in-Residence at Tipoteca Italiana, Summer 2023

July, 2023

And directly after the wonderful TipoItalia23 experience, I was fortunate to extend my time at Tipoteca for another week as an Artist/Designer/Printer-in-Residence. I basically picked up where I left off last summer and immeadiately began working in the same manner: that is, proofing type onto tracing paper, and working with this type to execute “cut-n-paste” layouts of prints that I hoped to accomplish in the short time I was there.

And then printing the chosen directions. I ended up making two prints during this time, and the shared color palette was inspired by the colorful serviettes one receives as a placemat at the local restaurants. The first print (below) is the Etna Type Specimen sheet using the Etna typeface, Meneghello e Belluzzo, circa 1930s. And then I printed another love note to this magnificent institution, using Art-Deco-ish inspired type from the 1930s, from the collection of Tipoteca. A truly amazing experience to be able to work in this shoppe and spend some quality time with great friends. Hope to return again as soon as possible!

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