Buon Compleanno Tipoteca Italiana 25

June, 2020

We were completely honored and humbled to be among 25 designers and printers worldwide invited to design and print a “birthday gift” letterpress poster to celebrate and honor the twenty-fifth anniversary of the wonderful Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione Museum in Cornuda, Italy. Since all posters were to be the uniform size of 50 x 70 cms—which is bigger than my press can possibly print—I was provided with a “type kit,” consisting of digital scans of twenty typefaces from the Tipoteca archives. In this way, I was able to work with some of the type from the Tipoteca collection, and the finished poster was printed at the Tipoteca Stamperia.

The project came into the studio in early April 2020 when the whole world was engulfed with the Coronavirus global pandemic. And as isolated as we all were in creating our own individual responses to the call, the project helped to engage and foster the international community of designers and printers. So incredibly thrilled to be involved, the posters form the exhibition Tipoteca Italiana 25 and is on display at Tipoteca from June through October, 2020. If you are in the neighborhood of northern Italy, please stop by to see the show! Dreaming of my next visit…

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