Design From Memory Exhibition

April, 2018

Really excited/thrilled/honored to be a part of the Design From Memory exhibition, curated by Ryan Starr of High-Res podcast fame and hosted by Shawn Hileman of Masthead Print Studio. Over thirty previous guests of the Philadelphia-based design podcast High-Res (check out episode No. 48 starring yours truly) created pieces inspired by the question, “What was your first design memory?”

For me, those first design memories revolved around moments long ago when I was taking art classes, one a printmaking class with Merle Spandorfer at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts; and the others, regular art classes at Cheltenham High School with Vita Solomon. I think of the innocence of what I was doing and making way back then, and the superb/fine teachers I had the great pleasure to study with. I believe that these impressions (no pun intended!) were deep and have stayed with me.

The High-Res Design From Memory show was conceived as a way to support the Nebinger Art Program, created by Leslie Grace, who’s been teaching in the Philadelphia area for 13 years and is the recipient of several Art Educator and Teaching awards. The Nebinger Art program goes to support art education in the Philadelphia schools, and all proceeds from sales from the exhibition go to support the program.

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