We R all in this 2gether

March, 2020

During this strange times inwhich we live with the novel Coronavirus Covid-19 creating a global pandemic and keeping many of us shut indoors for a three-month period, this term “We are all in this together,” began to take hold as a sort of mantra to try to keep all of our collective spirits up during this difficult time.

We were asked to participate in the “Thank You” project organized by friends Michele Cooper and Rose DiSanto, to express our gratitude to our neighbors on the frontlines: nurses, doctors, health care professionals and food service workers, and we made these letterpress prints. I also gave this print out to many of our neighbors on the street in our neighborhood. At the beginning of the quarantine I also made a few other small prints, “Printing is my form of social distancing” and “Printing is my salvation” (so true, so true; completely helping me to stay sane!).

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