We are so thrilled to report that the “To Be Or Not To Be” print (from the Rebus Quotes and Other Typographic Explorations project) was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the 2017 American Graphic Design Awards Design Competition by GD USA Magazine. Continue Reading Post

The Rebus Quotes and Other Typographic Explorations Exhibition opened at the Rouse Gallery of the Stuckeman School at Penn State University. Admittedly, I was nervous, humbled, and thrilled all at the same time to present my first “real” solo exhibition in thirty-four years—ever since graduate school. Continue Reading Post

The Lancaster Letterpress Fair is a relatively newish event, only in it’s fifth year. As can be expected, the first couple Fairs were modest events attracting just a few die-hard letterpress aficionados (having said this, I did attend the Fair last year; saw some familiar faces, and I even made arrangements to buy my very first press, a 5” x 8” Kelsey Excelsior, but I digress…). This year the Fair took a giant leap forward, due in large part to the efforts of Craig Welsh and his merry band of pranksters at Go Welsh! Continue Reading Post

I have been a patron of the Free Library of Philadelphia Central Library branch for many, many years. More specifically, the Print and Picture Collection, which as the name suggests, houses an amazing collection of images, and it’s just a treasure trove of research possibilities. Continue Reading Post

“WOW!” That’s about all’s I can say is: “WOW!” To wake up and see your name on the hugely popular blog, “The Daily Heller”—well, it hardly gets better than that. For those in the know, the Daily Heller needs no explanation; to those not in the know, Steven Heller is the most prolific author and critic within the Graphic Design industry.Continue Reading Post

Tipoteca Italiana

February, 2017

The Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione is located in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains in Cornuda, Italy. And what a picturesque location! I had heard that Tipoteca was to Italy what Hamilton was to the States: that is, an amazing repository of printing and typographic history. Continue Reading Post

Across the Pond

January, 2017

I was very interested to learn as much as I could about letterpress printing as possible during my sabbatical time. And along with letterpress printing, came a deep dive into not just the history of printing but typographic history, manufacturing, publishing, the dissemination of information, and so many other topics. Continue Reading Post

As part of his sabbatical project, “Rebus Quotes and Other Typographic Explorations,” BDA Principal and Professor of Graphic Design Communication, Frank Baseman, was fortunate to serve as an Artist in Residence at Raven Press in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE. Continue Reading Post

After a rather exhaustive search, “Vanessa the Pressa,” a 1960–1970 era Vandercook SP-15 letterpress arrived by crate and truck and entered my life just in time for the holidays. And she made a long trip too, coming all the way from Toronto, Canada. It’s too long a story—but a good one—but, suffice it so say that the searching was worth it. Continue Reading Post