Your Momma!

April, 2018

Here’s to the Mommas in my life: the Mother of our two dear children—Angela Combs (shown here with Julian, age approx. one)—and my own Mother, Renee Zinman Baseman. My Momma is shown with her offspring, my brothers and I (circa mid-1960s; I am on the far right; rather ironic, as I def. don’t lean that way now!). Miss my Momma every day… Continue Reading Post

Really excited/thrilled/honored to be a part of the Design From Memory exhibition, curated by Ryan Starr of High-Res podcast fame and hosted by Shawn Hileman of Masthead Print Studio. Over thirty previous guests of the Philadelphia-based design podcast High-Res (check out episode No. 48 starring yours truly) created pieces inspired by the question, “What was your first design memory?” Continue Reading Post

As a lifelong Phillies fan and a lifelong baseball fan (how could you not be with a last name like Baseman?) Growing up the second of four boys (the joke in the family was always that my Mom had given birth to an infield), and playing Little League baseball my older brother did play first base, and I did play second base. Continue Reading Post

New Impressions 2018

March, 2018

We are completely humbled and deeply honored (seriously thrilled) to be included in the upcoming exhibition, New Impressions 2018 produced by the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Continue Reading Post

I recently had the great pleasure of taking part in a workshop at Lead Graffiti, a fine letterpress shop/studio located in Newark, DE. Led by the intrepid proprietors of Lead Graffiti, Jill Cypher and Ray Nichols, the hands-on Workshop is inspired by the work of the Dutch artist, typographer and printer, H.N. Workman. Continue Reading Post

We are so thrilled to report that the “To Be Or Not To Be” print (from the Rebus Quotes and Other Typographic Explorations project) was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the 2017 American Graphic Design Awards Design Competition by GD USA Magazine. Continue Reading Post