What is a Rebus?

November, 2016

People sometimes ask me what is a rebus? Why this fascination with rebuses? Well, nowadays we can say, think of “America Runs on Dunkin” or “I Heart New York” (designed by the famous American Graphic Designer, Milton Glaser), as the form of the rebus has been used in visual communication for many years now. Continue Reading Post

After my foray to Hamilton, I started to work in real earnest on my sabbatical topic. As I began to research/write/plan/design, the project began to take some shape and form, and even started to have somewhat of a title, which came to stick: “Rebus Quotes and Other Typographic Explorations.” Continue Reading Post

And so it began. With a rather massive roadtrip (almost 1,000 miles each way!) to the mecca of all meccas of letterpress printing and wood type, a visit to the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. My fascination—or some would say, my obsession (I rather choose to use the word, “dream”)—with letterpress printing begins. But really when did it begin? Continue Reading Post